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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Just a perfect day

With the Christmas season approaching, not only am I more in a family celebration mood than ever, but I also keep on having fantasies about semi skimmed cafe lattes like never before. Understandably, in about ten days I'll be flying home for the first time in 13 months and that on its own would be sufficient to make this Xmas special.

Anyway, if you were me, Xmas mood would mean longing for pancakes and French toasts, as well as hot chocolate and gluhweinn. Yeah, if you were me, you would think food is the main reason we were brought on the planet in the first place. So yesterday, a friend and I decided to have French toasts (or in the circumstances, Afghan ones).

To keep in line with the tradition started by ExMi on his own blog, I will try and give you an idea of the recipes followed to prepare the delicacies we stuffed our face with.

First, it seemed like a great idea to prepare apples in Calvados. For lack of Calva, we decided they would be apples in Captain Morgan. So we cut four apples in small pieces and started cooking them in a lot of butter (and I mean a LOT of butter. I never said it was a balanced and healthy recipe, did I?), adding cinnamon and cloves as well as sugar to taste. Then, as I was planning to have the apples flambees, I took the preparation away from the fire and poured rhum rather generously over them. I lit the match, approached it and nothing happened. Ah well, I always forget how to have stuff flambe, but there was my confirmation: you keep the dish heating or at any rate extremely hot. So the apples went back on the fire and I poured some more rhum, lit the match and holly molly, the apple were on fire for a whole minute. A great show it was.

In the meantime, we mixed three eggs with half a liter of milk and cut two nan (the type you find in Mazar, not too flat, with a real crust on the outside) in quarters and then sliced each quarter in two, so they would be thin enough. We dipped the quarter in the milk cum eggs for as long as it took for them to absorb a lot of the preparation. In the meantime, we heated a pan and filled it with quite a bit of butter again. We then put the toasts in there and made them fry both sides until they were a honey brown and started calling 'Eat me, eat me!'.

By the time we were finished, there was Afghan toasts for a whole army, so it is fortunate Bruce joined us for that great lunch. Even more fortunate was his idea that we should have gluhweinn with this meal. So he heated one bottle of wine with four scoops of honey, a lot of cloves and cinnamon as well as some bits of mandarine peel. (What a fantastic thought). The wine was soon ready and we had this feast watching the movie Goodbye Lenin, which turned out to be the perfect accompaniment.

The rest of the afternoon was a mix of doing as little as possible by the fire and enjoying it as much as possible. That certainly was a perfect pre-Xmas day.


At 5:50 PM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

I'm so jealous. Wanna come up?

At 8:36 AM, Blogger Babs said...

Better yet, you come down to KBL and I'll cook you just that. We're having this dinner with everyone on the 11th. Can you join us?!?

At 8:13 PM, Blogger exMI said...

Sounds wonderful!
So "gluhweinn" is some sort of mulled wine?

At 3:59 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...



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